Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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On Monday, February 27th, the first steps in the demolition of our old Sweeney Gym were taken in preparation for the building of the New Convention Center. Mayor Larry Delgado manned the bulldozer for the first bite out of the old building. There was a large crowd of onlookers and press. Most were excited to start on what will be a lovely and significant addition to downtown, but many, like myself, were a bit nostalgic at saying goodbye to a place that was such a source of excitement and happiness in our younger days--basketball games for the Mighty Demons (Dwight being in the thick of the battle), proms, dances, assemblies and even our graduation. Some memories will be forever blue and gold..........
Cousins, they're n0n-identical cousins all the way! And that's Bob Keesing of the SFHS Class of 1967--who also came to say goodbye to some great memories. (I couldn't bring myself to crop him out!) Posted by Picasa
The Mayor surveys the task before him................... Posted by Picasa
Like a fighter pilot into the cockpit, he's ready to go............... Posted by Picasa
Larry grabs the first bite.............. Posted by Picasa
In the blinding sun of a crisp afternoon, the dust of memories Posted by Picasa
Oh, you must believe, Were're all on the eve of DESTRUCTION! Posted by Picasa
Nothing's quite as sexy as a woman in a hardhat! Lena Sweeney witnesses the beginning of the end of her family's downtown legacy. Posted by Picasa
The Evil Losange? Posted by Picasa
Or the Sweet Solange? Posted by Picasa
The morning after the day before.................. Posted by Picasa
Current findings on the Sweeney site dig Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

Saturday, February 25, 2006

At his last City Council meeting as Mayor, Larry was treated to a sincere demonstration of affection and respect. There were testimonials from the Councilors, Indian dances, a Mariachi Band, cake and lots of well wishers. After sixteen years serving this city Larry and Angie deserve a pat on the back and a lot of admiration for a job well done.
Santa Fe's Mayor and First Lady Posted by Picasa
The Warrior Dance in Council Chanbers Posted by Picasa
The best wife any man could have! Posted by Picasa
Warriors and dignitaries Posted by Picasa
Matthew wows the crowd Posted by Picasa
Changing of the guard (?) Posted by Picasa
Que Viva Alcalde Delgado! Posted by Picasa
Those Dangerous Delgados! Posted by Picasa
"Yuck! Old people kissing! Posted by Picasa
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! Posted by Picasa
A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, a Mariachi band, a Channel 13 cameraman, and thee by my side....... Posted by Picasa

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