Monday, July 31, 2006

Click on image to enlarge calendar photo for July. Posted by Picasa
Click on image to enlarge calendar dates for July. Posted by Picasa
In their nursery, Kelly has been caring for a group of five-month-old Lorikeets who are fruit and nectar eaters from Australia. They are called "brush tongued Parrots" because they have fuzzy little appendages on their tongues that hold the nectar while they drink it. Posted by Picasa
Their tongues are their main sensory organ and Kelly says that if they like you, they lick your fingers, hair, even your nose. Posted by Picasa
The Aldabra Tortoises are having a honeymoon. Kelly says that the males love those wide hipped girls. Men should be so enlightened.... The zookeepers will collect any resulting eggs and incubate them indoors as the Albuquerque winters are too cold for the tortoises to hatch them outside. Posted by Picasa
Sad news: Frosty, the Zoo's only swan passed away from kidney failure on Friday. He came to the Zoo as a full-grown adult in 1984 and the kids gave him his name. Goodbye to a majestic fellow! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

After a shift in the booth, we took off to Albuquerque for an Isotope's game with Gavin & Makenna. Although we all got soaked by a game-ending rain storm, a really good time was had by all!
Morning shift at the booth--fiesta attire Posted by Picasa
Face Painter--Isotope's Stadium Posted by Picasa
The final product--glitter and all! Posted by Picasa
Face painted, pink Isotope's hat and ready for the playground--isn't that what baseball's all about? Posted by Picasa
Male bonding--Grandpa and grandson Posted by Picasa
The looming storm--game destined to be rained out in the ninth inning. Posted by Picasa
"I like 8 1/2 inning games!" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Casa, Sweet Casa. Posted by Picasa
July is for lillies! Posted by Picasa
Dwight's new wider garden flagstone path--to cover the bare spots where Solange wore the grass away with her repeated--and slightly neurotic--running in circles. The red fencing is a retainer fence Dwight put in to protect his new grass that has been reseeded in the spots where Solange has repeatedly dug holes. Posted by Picasa
Busy life on the patio Posted by Picasa
View from the patio Posted by Picasa
Happy flowers Posted by Picasa
My precious malcontent--better red than dead! Posted by Picasa
Difficulty coping with siblings... Posted by Picasa
But he is still a pretty boy! Posted by Picasa
More fiesta attire for Booth Duty Posted by Picasa
A lonely Trojan stands vigil on the side yard--"O, where are the Kaune kids of yesteryear?......" Posted by Picasa

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