Monday, October 30, 2006

Things that happen in the Fall...
Dresseng in an autumn pallet for a party in Albuquerque Posted by Picasa
Another VIP arrives to celebrate Jordan's birthday! Posted by Picasa
Jordan gets into the present frenzy... Posted by Picasa
Mommie's into the presents too! Posted by Picasa
The gang's all here... Posted by Picasa
And a good time was had by all! Posted by Picasa
Father Jerome cannot contain himself! After decorating nearly every corner of the Cathedral and it's courtyard, he still managed to festoon the new statue of St. Francis with garlands of flowers and silk butterflies for the feast of St. Francis! Posted by Picasa
Touch not the cat! Posted by Picasa
Off for her morning constitutional... Posted by Picasa
Scenes from a daily walk...

 Posted by Picasa
The welcoming committee back home... Posted by Picasa
HOME, SWEET HOME! Cielo Azul enjoys the advent of Fall... Posted by Picasa

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