Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We decide to take advantage of the fact that all state museums are free admission to state residents on Sundays, to visit the Fiesta Exhibit at the History Museum
The men check the pear crop before taking off to the New Mexico History Museum. Posted by Picasa
We took a break from the Museum tour to enjoy a concert by The Community Band in Federal Oval Park. Posted by Picasa
One of the reasons we have such an affinity for the Community Band--besides the fact that their concerts are free!--is that Daddy was a member (Trumpet) in the late 1930s and early 1940s. This photo was in the program, but we couldn't identify Daddy. Posted by Picasa
Crowd participation on "Zacatecas March". Posted by Picasa
The Community Band plays an enthusiastic encore. Posted by Picasa
Deciding that his crutches slowed him down, Dwight made this pilgrimage sans crutches. Posted by Picasa
I've got your back, girlfriend................. Posted by Picasa
Monument in Cathedral depicting contributions by the Spanish Settlers Posted by Picasa
Prompted by remarks by our guide at the Historical Museum, we visited the Cathedral. This is the new statue of St. Francis that will be blessed on October 4th--his feast day! Posted by Picasa
Having a discussion with the stone Archbishop Lamy across the walk............ Posted by Picasa
"Inconceivable!" Posted by Picasa
In Father Jerome's garden....... Posted by Picasa
THE SUMMER OF HIS DISCONTENT. Dwight is frustrated with the hassle of getting around with a cast. Posted by Picasa
Checking out some of the comments of our Museum Guide on the Spanish Heritage Monument. Posted by Picasa
A toast for the guys on the balcony of the Ore House Posted by Picasa
The girls drink up!--but who is that spooky guy lurking in the doorway?--The Shadow knows! Posted by Picasa
Our lovely Fiesta Queen for 2006--Jessica Lucero. She was an excellent student in my class and will be a commendable queen! At twenty-six, she has the maturity and grace that will add a lot of class and style to the role of Queen. Posted by Picasa
Beauty times two--Jessica and her sister Bernadette who was also a wonderful student of mine. I also posed a third picture with their brother Henry--another favorite student--but my camera batteries failed me. Henry is a clothing designer and he has designed and sewn a new cape for the Fiesta Queen, so I will definetly get photos of that once Fiesta begins! Posted by Picasa
The streaking dance teacher............ Posted by Picasa
The end of a lovely day--Miss Sarah is ready to perform in a pre-Fiesta event on the plaza. Posted by Picasa

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