Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Click on image to enlarge calendar photo for May. Posted by Picasa
Click on image to enlarge calendar dates for May. Posted by Picasa
A group of pictures from Frannie's batch that had to be resized to fit on the blog:
Just waiting on the dock on the bay... Posted by Picasa
Argentine soccer player Posted by Picasa
The Chavezes on the bay Posted by Picasa
A wink from the Graduate Posted by Picasa
The Cousins take the town Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17th, the adventure begins...
Outside our hotel--The Grant Plaza Inn--in the heart of Chinatown Posted by Picasa
The fog rolls in...Posted by Picasa
Some pretty tall hedges Posted by Picasa
We've collected our Baby Posted by Picasa
Base of the Trans-America Building Posted by Picasa
Courtyard of the Trans-America Building Posted by Picasa
Leaping Lizards! Binks at the fountain Posted by Picasa
Leap Frogging Posted by Picasa
Interior of the old Trans-America Building--now the Scientology Headquarters Posted by Picasa
In pursuit of Italian food...Posted by Picasa
Flowering vines--this is California, you know. Posted by Picasa
Resteraunt Row Posted by Picasa
Lunch at Calzones Posted by Picasa
Washington Square Park Posted by Picasa
Communication in the 21st century Posted by Picasa
On the steps of the tower Posted by Picasa
The Coit Tower Posted by Picasa
Entrance to the stairs Posted by Picasa

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