Friday, September 30, 2005

After Fiesta, Kiki got to sepnd a couple of extra days with us which was a treat for all of us! Now as the days get shorter, the leaves start turning and the season of autumn is upon us it is time to say goodbye to Summer 2005. (Be sure to see the two summer photoshows by clicking on the link "My PhotoShows" and scrolling down the MUNDO BEATLESMAMIA site to see all five photoshows.

Lunch at The Shed.

"What IS going on in there?"

"Kiki's the Queen, and I'm just the slave."

"I WON'T smile and you CAN'T make me."

Her FAVORITE child

New Orleans' loss, Santa Fe's gain

A gathering of the clan at Gabriel's

The "Golden Years" never looked so good!

"Yup, I got it."

"Oh Louie, you're sooo big and strong..."

The art in Gabriel's gallery

Solange!--a sophisticated French name for a classy dame. (Sol (sun), Ange (angel) )

Release my hound!

A panther in the grass

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finally, the completion of Fiesta coverage on this blog! For a more comprehensive coverage of the actual parade, link over to Danny's blog and hit his link for Desfile de La Jente. (he has separated out his fiesta events for easier viewing)

I have made a new photo show MID-SUMMER REMEMBERANCES 2005. To view it, just click on the link on the right side of this page, under the mini-profile, that says: "My Photo Shows". I now have five photoshows, so when you get to the Mundo Beatlesmamia site, you will have to scroll down to see the new show. Let me know what you think and so that I know that this link is working, all feedback is welcome!

Tired, bedragled, but willing to party on........

Hasta la vista, San Franciscans! (a little tipsy are we?)

Tired, bedragled, but willing to party on.......

Hasta Luego, New Yorkers!

Hold each other up!

Last Hurrah for the Fiesta outfits!

Helping an old lady across the street.......

Los Aztecas

Just give 'em the wave

"This parade never changes."

Catch all the action!

Bright eyed and bushy what?

The relentless press corps

The royal princessa

Still beautiful--fifty years later!

Yvanda as a pin-up queen

A lonesome conquistador

On the promanade....

La Princessa

La Princessa, now

La Princessa, then

The Candelight Procession heralds the end of festivities...

The gathering of the faithful.....

Up, up the hill they climb.....

A peaceful and sacred end to Fiesta 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

SATURDAY NIGHT FIESTA PARTIES--a review of a recent night of fun and frolic.

Please note: my photo shows are now available by hitting the link on the right side of the page below the intro profile. Just click on the wording "My Photo Shows"

Talent imported for the party

Waymon gets way lucky....

Pulled into the merriment....

A very dangerous confederacy

Interrupted by the paparazzi

Girls just wanna have fun!


New angle on Meekie

Pathetic cry for help


Respectable as a judge...

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